Congressman Blumenauer’s Fruitcake (PDX Exclusive)

The one fruitcake that everyone’s happy to receive! There’s something special about a fruitcake—it represents more than just a seasonal confection. A fruitcake represents a time of joy, of giving, and of celebrating community with close friends and family. The exchanging of fruitcake is a long-standing tradition, and there’s never been a more infamous fruitcake-gifter in Oregon’s history than Congressman Blumenauer. A tireless champion of this city’s causes, and a founding father of the modern-day Portland we’ve all come to love, Blumenauer still insists on making and delivering his fruitcakes by hand, because the interaction is what matters. We understand that sentiment—we take the same care in creating this flavor tribute, and we take the same joy in personally handing it to you. Proceeds from this flavor go to the non-profit Community Cycling Center, one of Congressman Blumenauer’s favorite charities.