Pints of the Month: Cereal-sly Delicious
Saturday, 10 am. You know where to find us. Cartoon marathons and mountainous bowls of cereal had childhood on lock come Saturday mornings. Join us as we steep and smash and whizz past dizzying worlds of technicolor, heading back to those magical mornings, but not before reimagining them with our own Salt & Straw twist.

Start with The Cereal-sly Delicious Series and enjoy 5 new flavors with every monthly shipment.
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Flavors in Pack
  • Pot's of Gold & Rainbows
  • Cornflake Cookies w/Marionberry Jam
  • Rum Custard w/ Raisin Shortbread & Bran Butter
  • Peanut Butter Brownie Cereal Puffs
  • OffLimits™ Zombie w/ Coconut & Pandan (v)
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Flavors In 5 Pack
Pots of Gold & Rainbows
It’s baaaaaack. For this legendary favorite, we hand-sort the luck from the charms, steeping the whole-grain cereal in cream for that bottom-of-the-bowl sweetened milk before stirring in mountains of rainbow ‘mallows.
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Cornflake Cookies w/ Marionberry Jam
When cornflakes go rogue. We turned one of our favorite cereals on its head and into toasty brown butter cornflake cookies. By browning the butter, we reach unparalleled caramelized proportions that just can’t be reached with regular butter alone. Then, we crumble them all into malty, cereal-flecked ice cream. Add in gobs of marionberry jam whizzing past and you’ve got a flavor that’s gone completely off-the-rails.
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Rum Custard w/ Raisin Shortbread & Bran Butter
This isn’t your nana’s bran. Golden raisin shortbread cookies are slathered in frosting made from raisins and nutty bran butter, then tossed into an ultra-decadent rum custard ice cream. A swirl of velvety, raisin-studded bran butter adds notes of warmth for a rich bite reminiscent of bran cereal soaked in milk.
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Peanut Butter Brownie Cereal Puffs
Chocolate peanut butter puffs just got cooler. Unlocking memories of chocolate cereal milk straight from the bowl, we churn chocolate & sweet cream together then marble the mixture with silky peanut butter. Bite-sized brownie bits are double-baked, coated in chocolate peanut butter glaze, and gently folded into the ice cream to deliver a spoonful of sentimental bliss.
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OffLimits™ Zombie w/ Coconut & Pandan (v)
A culinary staple in many Southeast Asian countries, Pandan is a remarkably versatile plant with distinct tasting notes of coconut and vanilla. We toss OffLimits™ extraordinary Zombie Pandan cereal in a buttery glaze, then fold it into a delicate ice cream flavored with coconut and muscovado– a subtly smokey dark brown sugar. Glowing green ribbons of pandan swirl twist throughout the ice cream, finishing the flavor with a dazzling coconut kick.
Made with OffLimits™
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