Cocanú’s Cloudforest Vanilla w/ Passionfruit & Dark Chocolate

Sebastián Cisneros of Cocanú is a unicorn in the chocolate world—one of the few artisans who roasts his own cacao beans and crafts them into chocolate confections, tapping into both the artistic and scientific sides of this delicious craft. This year, Sebastián has added a new talent to his repertoire—Vanilla Bean Master. We were able to get our hands on the incredible vanilla “caviar” Sebastián’s team scrapes from these one-of-a-kind beans in his native Ecuador, so we knew we had to capture the magic of vanilla and chocolate in one perfect flavor. We swirl together vanilla passionfruit ice cream and chocolate passionfruit ice cream crafted from vanilla and chocolate grown on two sides of the same hill, with the delicious addition of dark Cloudforest chocolate fudge. You are among the first Americans to sample this vanilla, so savor every bite!