Potato Champion’s Poutine

Non-routine poutine. Potatoes and ice cream? Yes! Potatoes and ice cream! It’s a match made in starchy, creamy heaven. OK, stay with us here. Imagine sweet-savory ice cream dedicated to the joy of digging in to a crisp pile of French fries smothered in gravy and topped with chewy morsels of savory cheese curds. The ice cream is a creamy interpretation of the fries, the fudgy gravy is a caramel-like swirl of gooey yummyness, and then we add little puffs of cheese-curd-flavored marshmallows. The effect is a pleasing salty sweetness that will rewire your brain. When you’re a champion, you’re either excellent at what you do, or you’re a great proponent of something. Here is a great example of both embodied in the form of one Mike McKinnon, proprietor of Potato Champion. Having opened his first cart on SE Hawthorne in 2008, Mike has been one of the leaders of the food- cart movement in Portland. Basically, everything is served on fresh-cut, double-fried, crispy, perfect fries.