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Thanks again for this! I’m honored to be able to keep the momentum moving, and am anticipating a smooth transition to Division. I really can’t wait to get to know more faces of the Salt & Straw team. And, most importantly, to lead people, and watch our new ones grow. This will not only be a chance to foster my leadership skills; it will also be getting the chance to extend my hospitality towards my own team members, which will hopefully lead to more relationships, and a thicker feeling of togetherness. I strongly believe that our customers can feel when team members are in it to win it, and when the entire team is communicating and exchanging non-verbal energy sufficiently, and honestly, it makes scooping a thrill.

– Newly promoted shift lead moving from Alberta to Division – Michael


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  • I feel genuinely appreciated at Salt & Straw
  • My job makes me feel like I am part of something meaningful
  • I am confident about my future at Salt & Straw

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Aw, thank you! Our company culture makes it easy to be inspired. Beautifully eclectic group of people is this S&S family. So many cool ideas brought up at the table . . . exciting to think about where this might go…Thank you so much for today!!! The dishes are done, we have a plethora of waffle cones, the midday checklist is complete, shall I go on…. The shop looks crazy good. It feels great to be so well taken care of and prepared for a busy night of training and fun with our amazing customers! Thank you!!!!!

– Email from Monique when she arrived at work one day


As we were closing up the kitchen on December 31, the phone rang and I answered it. The caller wanted to know if we were able to deliver some pints to the Children’s Cancer Treatment center at OHSU Doernbecher Hospital for the kids and staff working the new years eve shift…I didn’t hesitate to say I could see if something could be worked out, and called Tyler who gave the go ahead to drop some off…I needn’t tell you how excited they were. They asked me to include a note which read:

“All my love in the world to you amazing people! Love eternally, Amon”

It was such a beautiful thing to do this, and upon delivery, it seemed nobody expected it and were totally surprised by the gesture, as hints of silent tears of joy were observed..

– From Rudy – what our employees feel empowered to do and how they can be the happiest part of peoples day