Strolling through a farmers market during the height of August we get easily mesmerized by rainbows of carrots, peak zucchini, and perfectly ripe heirloom tomatoes. Most see the ingredients for summer salads and pastas, but we spy the makings of bold, aromatic ice creams. To find the farmers we partnered with for our August flavors, we went to the people who know them best in each of our neighborhoods: the farmers market. We collaborated with Ballard in Seattle, Portland, CUESA, Santa Monica, and San Diego markets to source the best carrots, corn, zucchini, fennel, and tomatoes. Beyond helping provide our R&D kitchen with stellar produce, each of these farmers markets focuses on important initiatives, like next-generation farming, education and food literacy, sustainability, and nutrition. Back in the kitchen, we roasted, steeped, and juiced these farm-fresh vegetables to extract their deepest flavors—then we paired them with spices, chocolate, maple, or dairy to craft the richest ice creams. We’re just as proud to support these markets and the tireless farmers who make them possible as we are to introduce our August flavors. You can thank a local farmer.