The Universe IV

The 4th installment of our quest for intergalactic knowledge. Each January, we’re presented with a snapshot of our universe as deciphered by one of our Churnmasters, Rudy Speerschneider. This existential exhibition of unbinding flavors, conceptual textures, and intellectual designs pulls us from the typical constraints of ice cream and forces us to see the eventual evolution of both scooped frozen treats and the Universe itself. For 2016, the formation of a 4th dimension brings an entirely new complexity to the spinning space in which the Universe rides. A White Mole Ice Cream, intruded by deep-black swirls of space, overlapping purple planetary superstrings, and colliding with citrus-packed rainbow meteor clusters. Each of the 4 elements brings 4 distinct ingredients into a mathematically perfect, 16-point Mole creation that will test your certainty of the difference between reality and science fiction.