Green Corn Tamales

Food trend of the future. This ice cream is a deep, adoring, humble bow to the masterful chefery that has been a cornerstone of the LA food scene for over 30 years: Border Grill. Picture a sunny, pale yellow corn tamale ice cream rich with cream, egg yolks, and a slightly acidic, complex sweetness from agave, dotted with “candied” corn kernels. Now picture yourself spooning a bit of this into your mouth. And then picture the happiness you get from the sweet-savory burst of cool, creamy sweet. It’s not so hard!  Oh, how Border Grill steals our hearts with its beautiful array of fresh, consciously harvested ingredients and authentic Latin flair. Head chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger have been instrumental in shaping LA’s food scene (as well as the term “celebrity chef-dom”) since 1981. In honor of the care that they give their dishes, we worked with them to re-create one of our favorites on their menu, Green Corn Tamales. It is a serious thrill to work with these inspiring humans.