Drink Medley Panther Coffee

Joel and Leticia Pollock arrived in Miami in 2010 with a goal: open a specialty roastery that sources, roasts, and prepares the finest coffee in the world. And luckily for us, they've done just that. 

Drawing on their vast knowledge of roasting, brewing and serving coffee after having previously worked for Portland coffee titans Stumptown and Ristretto, Joel and Leticia opened their now-ubiquitous Panther Coffee. Their flagship location in hip Wynwood, nestled amongst the galleries and murals, has since become the go-to for locals and tourists alike, offering respite from the bustling streets outside. 

Joel is an obsessive when it comes to green coffee, something he fell in love with while working for an importer back in Portland. At Panther Coffee, you’ll find coffee beans from all corners of the globe being roasted in small batches on a hulking re-built 1920’s Probat Perfekt. This Probat, a seemingly immortal machine, offers impeccable control over the entire roasting process.

1927 Probat Perfekt

It’s this same roaster that turns out the most complex, full-bodied espresso we use in our Panther Coffee Chocolate Tres Leches. Steeped two ways, this espresso cultivates the perfect coffee ice cream to accompany our intense tres leches cake swirl made with cocoa, dark chocolate, and coconut-infused anejo rum from Coconut Cartel.

Pro Tip: Don’t leave Miami without snagging a bag of the city’s (and the nation’s) best beans.