Lemon Mari Gold Amaro Sherbet

The perfect summer spritz, blooming with citrus notes and laced with amaro. Amaro is an herb-infused liquor reminiscent of a small-batch, boozy root beer; a good amaro is unusual, beautiful and unexpected all at once. Straightaway Cocktail’s Mari Gold amaro is bright and feels like spring in a glass. We combine this with pieces of homemade, light, fluffy lemon marshmallows for a sherbet that whisks you off your feet 

Made with Straightaway Cocktails 

Ingredients, Allergens & Nutrition Facts

Sugar, Water, Milk, Cream, Tapioca Syrup, Accompani Mari Gold Amaro Liqueur (alcohol, sugar, citrus peels, orange blossom water, spices, gentian root, rhubarb root), Powdered Sugar, Lemon Concentrate, Lemon Zest (lemon peel, sugar, natural lemon flavor), Lemon Juice, Gelatin, Angostura Bitters (alcohol, water, sugar, gentian, caramel color, natural flavor and color), Salt, Xanthan Gum, Vanilla Extract, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Natural Yellow Coloring (annatto, beet, turmeric, glycerin).

Allergens: Milk

Dietary Considerations: Trace amounts of alcohol

Three (3) servings per pint. Each serving 2/3 cup. Calories per serving: 240

Shipping & Delivery

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