Whiff of Waffle Cone

Warm and inviting, with an indulgent complexity - just like your favorite scoop shop.

An Immersive Experience

A Whiff of Waffle Cone: A Brand New Fragrance from Imaginary Authors and Salt & Straw.

Introducing A Whiff of Waffle Cone. A sophisticated and transportive unisex perfume, created with our friends at Imaginary Authors, evokes the sweetness and nostalgia of stepping into a warm ice cream shop. Notes of Vanilla, Heavy Cream, and Salted Caramel, with accords of Amyris, Orgeat, and Saigon Cinnamon will have you believing you’re indulging in the delicate crunch of a housemade waffle cone.

Make coming home feel like stepping into your favorite Salt & Straw.

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“The strange thing about ice cream is that, because it’s cold, it has hardly any aroma, so the idea of creating a fragrance that connects to an experience like visiting an ice cream shop quickly gravitated to the smell of fresh waffle cones.”
-Tyler Malek

An unexpected connection,
an unbelievable creation

When unexpected connections occur, unbelievable creations can happen. Tyler, Salt & Straw’s Head Ice Cream Maker, first stumbled across a perfume from Imaginary Authors while in Los Angeles. He was struck by the way their unique fragrances created a whole world; for the first time he could smell the process and intention in a perfume’s final product, much in the same way he already thinks about creating combinations and experiences of flavor in ice cream. After picking up a bottle for his wife and finding himself repeatedly drawn to the fragrance, Tyler reached out and the connection was made.

"Thanks to the new Whiff of Waffle Cone, you can spray on a scent that "captures the uplifting experience of visiting an ice cream shop." If that doesn't draw the attention of 1,000 beaus, we're not sure what will."




"The nostalgic, sugary smell of an ice cream parlor has been captured and bottled..."





"Ice cream lovers of course enjoy the taste of the sweet treat, but what about the smell? Well, an iconic Portland-based creamery is delivering a delicious new scent in a bottle."



About Imaginary Authors


Imaginary Authors offers wildly unique fragrances born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you. In these bottles are layered narratives that are sure to generate stirring conversation, fragrances that might be capable of changing the course of your own personal story. They not only invigorate and intoxicate, but also take you to new places.

Each Imaginary Authors fragrance follows a compelling storyline peppered with intriguing twists.

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