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Welcome to the World of
Curiously Delicious Ice Cream

Explore Our Oregon-Focused Flavors

Cinnamon Snickerdoodle

Our housemade snickerdoodle recipe is salty, doughy, slightly acidic—and spicy, thanks to Red Ape Cinnamon from Eugene, Oregon. The cinnamon is ground in a slower kind of grinding machine in small batches, ensuring a rich, aromatic cinnamon that retains all its distinct flavors.

As its namesake, Red Ape also donates 5% of their profits to help save the endangered orangutans of Sumatra.


Double Fold Vanilla

The only vanilla worthy enough to showcase its bold, vanilla-y flavor in this ice cream? Singing Dog Vanilla in Eugene, Oregon.

They work with growers in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to find the very best organic vanilla, pay the farmers a fair price, and share a percentage of profits when the final products sell. They call it Fair Trade Plus+, and the Wall Street Journal named it "the new standard to beat".


Pear & Blue Cheese

A nod to Oregon's regional bounty: Abundantly juicy, aromatic Bartlett pears, one of Oregon’s prized crops, combined with blue cheese from the history-making Oregon creamery Rogue.

Back in 2003, Rogue Creamery entered the World’s Blue Cheese & Reserve Competition and became the very first non-European blue cheese to ever win! To this day, they’re still the top blue cheesemakers in the world. That’s why we chose their approachably briny and buttery (& award-winning!) “Oregon Blue”. This classic has converted many a skeptic.