We are so proud to be partnering with Urban Gleaners this holiday season. When you buy a pint of our Thanksgiving flavors, we'll donate one to their Food to Schools program to help provide a special treat for hungry kids and their families in our community. Check out this message from Urban Gleaners Executive Director, Tracy Oseran, to learn more about this important program and what they're doing to make a difference here in Portland. We love them and hope you will too!
With gratitude,
Salt & Straw Founder
Food to schools photo
Today, thousands of Oregonians are going hungry. It is a shocking fact that Portland Metro now reports that Oregon now has “the highest rate of child hunger in the nation,” all while Americans continue to throw away 40% of their food. Urban Gleaners addresses both of these problems directly. We rescue fresh nutritious food that would otherwise be thrown away from grocery stores, restaurants, events, farms, and farmers markets, collecting over 50,000 pounds of food every month.  We distribute this food free of charge to children and their families through our Food to Schools program and to Section 8 apartment complexes throughout many of Portland’s food deserts. It is counterintuitive that so many people are hungry in Oregon. We are surrounded by some of the richest farmland in the world with an abundance of extraordinary produce. Here in our community there are passionate people creating wonderful things to eat, like Tyler and Kim at Salt & Straw. We are thrilled and grateful that Salt & Straw is donating their delicious ice cream to hungry kids and their families. Rescuing edible food is a simple weapon in the fight against hunger. Hunger is less a problem of scarce resources but rather inefficient distribution. And an ice cream party is just good for everyone. Urban Gleaners can always use more help: through donations, new food donors, or committed volunteers. Urban-Gleaners-Logo For more information, please visit us at Thank you so much for your support!