The simple and determined dot of Ice Cream had grown to the size of 14 or so Jupiters in 100,000 short light years (we’ll say), when from the southern hemisphere of the black globe, a strange molecular craft carrying two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen atoms paddled into the sea of condensed fog and took anchor on it’s crusty, sandy shore.

It, too, was seeking refuge, and liked the feel of this world, and it cozied up, naturally, as it loves to do in its liquid state. But, in this simple compound’s naiveté, it inadvertently invited the potentiality of a chemical reaction that could threaten the particular harmony of this unique ice cream eco-system.

Although water is, in general, a favorable agent, it is not so for the stability of dry ice and ice cream, as it is prone to a crystalline sprawl. This particularly undesirable surge could set in motion a river of destruction that would surely obliterate the mountainous freeze dried Ice Cream planet, and everything in its path! How can this situation save itself?!!

They had to stop this creature of chemical chaos! Deep within the fortress of the Ice Cream planet’s veiled enclaves, were the safely stowed fats, sugars, stabilizers, milks solids and air needed for the conflicting bead of water to mix with, and reconfigure the planet into ice cream (again). This brave transmission would thwart the H20’s mutiny of mutation.

The rugged Ice Cream orb only needed to expose and exchange its classified molecular structures with the water crumb, which seems easy enough, right?…Alas! For it not to become an unpalatable mess of sticky sugar, there had to be another force! The force of Churning! The loosened and aqueous characters had to be agitated, moved and spun.

This action would slow down the process of denaturization and crystallization, thereby enabling the stabilization of a more favorable chemical reaction. Within the recesses of this A++ science project, a kinetic reaction could then bequeath the magic solution. The silent clock ticked. Meanwhile, the H20 laid upon a pad of CO2 to wonder and ponder the fate of the Universe. It took a deep breath and drifted into a recumbency when a slight vibration tickled its atoms. It giggled and levitated with laughter until …Suddenly!…There was a strong Shaking, Shuddering, and a Shove, a Shimmy and…Shock!

The ice beneath it moaned and cracked and squawked as the spill danced and flipped and bubbled and spit up towards the looming Ice Cream planet. The splash flew, ripping through the atmospheric pressure, and drilled into the Freeze Dried Ice Cream’s well of riches! Commence the extraordinary and transcendent novelty! The cosmogonal buddies rotated with delight and this squealing transmission propelled the latching peers into a swirling, centrifugal frenzy. Their soulful elements emulsified, homogenizing their friendship, making them One; One tremendous, exquisite scoop of purple Ice Cream. Purple!