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The Summer’s Bounty, Brought to You Through Ice Cream


You’ve never experienced summer veggies quite like this. August is full of the season’s most intriguing produce, making farmer’s market trips thrilling and enchanting. It’s a highly anticipated month for your favorite savory dishes. So, why would our ice cream menu be any different?


This lineup of flavors presents a reimagination of these key summer veggies. Sweetened up and transformed into craveable confections, these flavors elevate veggies beyond just dessert. With influences spanning from Mexican elote to South Asian curries, the Veggies You Crave Series is a sweet, summer culinary adventure.


Carrot Cake Batter w/ Pralined Hazelnuts is a familiar favorite, but our version spotlights the innate indulgence of this beloved summer veg. Carrots are roasted for hours with sugar and spices to enhance their natural sweetness before they’re churned into a rich cake batter ice cream. Candied hazelnuts and a swirl of vanilla-infused cheesecake round out this warm, spiced treat.


Middle Eastern flavors are brought to taste through Spinach Cake w/ Chocolate Tahini Fudge. Inspired by the Turkish dessert, bright spinach is baked into a fluffy green cake that’s crumbled throughout salted sweet ice cream. A rich tahini fudge takes this simple delight to a truly indulgent dessert. 


Fennel is just special. So with Green Fennel & Maple, we used the entire thing. Fennel is steeped in maple syrup infused with fennel pollen and fennel seeds, creating a natural sweetener for a juiced fennel ice cream. The aromatic, licorice flavor is transformed into a refreshing, light, floral ice cream. A true ode to this incredible summer staple.


Charred Corn Curd, Cotija, and Tajin is perhaps one of the more peculiar flavors on this menu. We intended it this way, as it will truly surprise your taste buds. In celebration of corn, summer’s favorite veggie, we drew inspiration from the flavors of Mexican elote and didn’t skip any steps. Corn is charred to perfection to bring out a mild bitterness that perfectly complements its sweet and savory notes. It’s then blended into a corn curd that swirls throughout a house made mayo ice cream. Cotija is crumbled throughout, with a kick of lime juice and tajin. All we can say here is trust. This reimagination of elote is in fact a dessert.


Red Chili Curry & Makrut Lime Crispy Rice is as much of an intriguing flavor experience as it is a textural one. Fresh curry is made from scratch by roasting hints of lemongrass, ginger, galangal coriander, makrut lime, and red chilis. Once the flavors have bloomed together releasing all their natural aromatics, they’re hit with rich coconut cream. This unsuspectingly refreshing ice cream is paired with bits of makrut lime rice krispies, adding a citrusy crunch to this smooth, South Asian flavor bomb.


Curious? Intrigued? Surprised? We were too. Try the Veggies You Crave Series today.