It’s been 10 years since we first opened that little cart on Alberta St. and since then, we’ve been so lucky to have our years filled with scoops, sprinkles, and smiles. It’s no question that you are what makes us great: from visiting every single scoop shop to popping the big question in line, you’ve shared so many special moments with us over the years. And now we want to celebrate YOU!

Here are just a few of the sweetest moments from our past decade together:


Finding the ones you want to spend forever eating ice cream with

Wesley Schnapp: 

As someone from Portland, I've loved Salt & Straw since the very beginning 10 years ago. My boyfriend, Alex, also loves it. When we were on a trip with some friends in San Diego, Salt & Straw was definitely on our list for where we had to go. On Saturday evening, our group was out and about in La Jolla looking for a bar to go to. After strolling around for a bit, Alex and I both knew it was time for us to quit the search and go to Salt & Straw instead. We offered for others to join us, but it just ended up being the two of us taking the relatively long Uber ride to the other side of San Diego. Eager and excited, we made it just in time before it closed! After each of us ordered a double scoop waffle cone, we went to the Waterfront Park to enjoy our ice cream. 

He paused, looking at me directly and smiling, very sweetly said, “I’m so happy we’re together. I know you’re the one because you also would rather leave the bars to go get Salt & Straw on the other side of town.” No doubt about it :) Unfortunately we didn’t get an actual picture at this time (too busy living in the moment), but I am attaching a picture of a cute cartoon book he gave me about all the reasons why he loves me.  


Nicole Sakai:  

My fiancé and I have monthly “dates” standing in the long line at Salt & Straw because it’s quality time for us to just spend focused on each other doing something we share an excitement for. We do it once a month with the new seasonals. When we go, we always try every new flavor together. It’s a tradition for us.


To celebrating life’s big moments with us 

Ziggy the Corgi:

We share our love for Salt & Straw with our Corgi pup, Ziggy. When Ziggy turned one we threw an Ice Cream Birthday Fundraiser. Molly from Salt & Straw helped us coordinate having ice cream donated from Salt & Straw for our friends, family, and furfriends to enjoy. We held the party in Little Italy, San Diego, CA. Ziggy's birthday raised over $800 for Scoop San Diego, a local organization in San Diego that uses the love of ice cream as a catalyst for social change and support the local community. All our friends, family and furfriends enjoyed Salt & Straw on a beautiful California day! This is our sweetest Salt & Straw story and memory. We love creating new stories and making new memories with Salt & Straw. Thank you Salt & Straw for all that you do, happy 10 years! We love being able to share our love of S&S with all our friends, family and furfriends! 

David Rasmussen: 

Salt & Straw has played a HUGE role in my relationship. On our first date I was so nervous. When she sat down, I had butterflies like crazy. At dinner we started talking sweets and desserts and she asked if I had ever tried the Birthday Cakes and Blackberries flavor. I had never heard of it, so we went to Salt & Straw and ordered up one of those to split and boy was I in love! The ice cream was good too. 😉  After that Salt & Straw was at the center of every date night we had. Fast forward a year, we got a doggo (Penny) and how did we celebrate...with Salt & Straw. We got engaged, how did we celebrate...with Salt & Straw. Made through another crazy week, how did we celebrate...with Salt & Straw. Now as we are planning our wedding the ONLY thing we know for sure is that we want Salt & Straw to be a part of it. 💕


And the little ones

Lauren Lamothe:

I have a tradition called “Salt & Straw Sundays.” Every single Sunday, without fail, I get into my comfiest pajamas and drive over to the Abbot Kinney scoop shop. Jessi, Ryan, Ty, Austin, and Corey (to name a few) have become some of the GREATEST people I know and I usually end up spending 20 plus minutes catching up with each one of them. To have this tradition and my Salt & Straw family was the best gift I could’ve been given moving across the country from NY to LA and not knowing a single soul. Not to mention, my scoopers always know that Lo gets a double scoop in a waffle cone with a “little bebe sampler scoop” to top it off - and I always let them choose the sample! The best part about it all is that my family knows how much I adore this place and my Sunday tradition that I always send them a selfie in our group chat with my cone!


We are so lucky to have friends like you to have shared these past years with, and look forward to sharing the next 10!