Something so magical happens inside that oft orange, knobbly grooved gourd that most of us buy only once a year. And we’re not talking about carving a face into it and making it glow. We cleaned and slow-roasted our pumpkin with sugar, eggs, and spices, turning the humble, fibrous flesh into a silky smooth, aromatic pudding. 

Salt & Straw Spiced Goat Cheese Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkins are native to North America, and pumpkin pie as we know it today has been a quintessential fall dessert since at least the 1800s. To suggest having Thanksgiving dinner without one resting nearby? Blasphemy! The filling has always been the star of the show. Our kitchen kettle-cooks 97 pounds of pumpkin puree with a bouquet of warm spices until dense and coppery.

Salt & Straw Spiced Goat Cheese Pumpkin Pie

While many folks love to top their slice with freshly whipped cream, we break with tradition by layering our pumpkin filling into tangy goat cheese ice cream. We love to feature pungent cheeses in our bases, and this combo of local chèvre, sugar, cream, ginger, and cinnamon makes the perfect canvas for the swirls of sweet, silky filling.

Untraditional yet immediately identifiable, the passing of these pints around the table may just be the perfect end to your Friendsgiving.