Science of Ice Cream illustration

Grab your goggles (and a spoon) for Science of Ice Cream, our 4-part video series hosted by Professor Amy Rowat. You’ll learn all about the scientific magic behind your favorite dessert with some interactive experiments along the way. 

Sea Salt w/ Caramel Ribbons being made

If you're ready to get churning out your own, check out our Salt & Straw Cookbook (hello, perfect gift idea 🎁).

You may be wondering, "How does milk become ice cream?" Well, we dive head first into an ice cream machine (metaphorically, of course) to get a look at what's going on behind the scoops and answer all your chilling questions.

Consider this lesson "The History of Salt & Straw" or at least, the history of where our name comes from. Bonus: Join us for a simple experiment that yields a sweet reward.

From chocolate chips to chocolate covered crickets (yes you read that right), every ice cream add-in tells a story. Tune in to learn more about the magical ingredients that make our favorite dessert so sweet.

Why do things taste incredibly unbelievable together, whereas others...not so much? Join us to learn all about the ways in which we ‘experience’ taste - and how this impacts the creative combinations of our ice cream flavors.