From backyard bonfires staring up at starlit skies to sitting by the lake, all tucked in around a campfire at dusk, roasting marshmallows has to be one of our favorite parts of summer. In true Salt & Straw fashion, we love experimenting with new additions or swaps to the tried and true treat. There will always be a place for the classic s'mores, but this isn't it.

In our first-ever Ultimate S’moresdown, top treats went head-to-head to for the chance to be crowned MVP of the 'mallows. Then, our head ice cream maker, Tyler, and recipe developer, Karla recreated the top two in our test kitchen to duke it out in one epic battle royale. Check out the heated competition below (and learn how to make these incredible creations for your next campfire):



Meet the Finalists:

Oregon Fair S’more, submitted by Magdalena

Homemade graham crackers sandwiching a homemade smokey, hazelnut toffee marshmallow; with a gluttonous helping of hot honey fudge, and a proud scoop of Cowboy Coffee Grinds and Bourbon rests on the bottom of this glorious s’more creation. The ingredients are from around Oregon and the smokey touch gives nod to wildfires that Oregon has endured this summer. 

Peanut Butter S'moreo, submitted by Emily 

Using homemade giant oreos as the graham crackers, place a giant scoop of the peanut butter captain crunch munch flavor and then a delicious toasted marshmallow to relive the parent trap favorite: oreos and peanut butter! And it is dairy free and can be vegan!!