When we think of a summer picnic, we think of fried chicken. There’s nothing quite like the crisp and crunch and flavor explosion to perfectly balance out your spread. It’s exactly what inspired our Main Course flavor in our Summer Picnic Series: Cinnamon & Honey Fried Chicken. Our muse? Ezell’s Famous Chicken. 

Ezell’s has been around for almost 40 years delivering the best, freshest, most delicious fried chicken you’ve ever tasted – but they deliver much more than just food. They stand for quality, community, family, tradition, pride, giving back, resilience, dedication, loyalty, honesty, and fun.  

We had the opportunity to sit down with Co-Founder, Lewis Rudd to hear all about how this incredible company got started, where it’s going, and how they’re continually giving back to the community.  

We couldn’t have had a better time working with the team at Ezell’s to craft our iconic main course flavor. Savory, spicy and easy to love, this ice cream makes an unbelievable treat of Ezell's famous chicken. We start with fresh croissants, torn into bits. Deep-fry with chicken fat ‘til crispy perfection. Then churn into salted vanilla ice cream. A touch of cinnamon, splash of honey, and a shake of secret spices gives you sweet Cajun heat with pleasant pops and crackles. Taste it to believe it.