We believe that ice cream can be more than delicious, it can be an ambassador of many things, from pure happiness and family stories to farmer’s markets and fine art—which is why we’ve made a habit of teaming up with local artists, musicians, chefs, and organizations working to make our communities more creative and caring. In recent years, we’ve created a special flavor inspired by the music of the Oregon Symphony, we dug deep for a fitting experiential treat for Portland’s Time Based Art festival, and often collaborate with incredible local artists for our chalkboards and window art. Now, we’re taking that spirit of ice cream as a supporter of the arts to the next level—ice cream as art. Our flavor visionary Tyler Malek creates ice cream with a point of view that’s truly original, so we’re thrilled to see what he created when he teamed up with an artist making his own statements with sweets—provocative LA artist Scott Hove, who’s best known for his 3D cake-inspired installation series Cakeland filled with whimsical sculptures that blur the line between euphoria and paranoia. It started with a question: “How can we collaborate with Scott to translate his artistic vision in the kitchen? If we could eat his art in ice cream form, what would it taste like?” The Dualpolitan is the answer. For this Arts District exclusive, Scott and Tyler have dreamed up a cake art-inspired carton filled with ice cream that will challenge your preconceptions and delight your palate. The Dualpolitan is a shocking shake-up of the traditional Neapolitan ice cream packed with culinary twists and turns—the white layer tastes like what you’d expect black ice cream to taste like, and vice versa; the pink layer represents our lives with notes of earth, mortality, and beauty—that will make you question what you thought you knew about ice cream. “We came up with an ice cream concept to disrupt expectations and the normal dialogue,” explains Scott. “We’re integrating light and dark forces and making a space for beauty in the midst of it. At times bitter and shocking, another bite is uplifting and transcendent.” Just 200 of these incredible creations were made, each hand-numbered and signed by the artists. Packed with the equivalent of four pints of ice cream, this limited-edition collector’s piece is only available at our new Arts District scoop shop for $50, starting November 25 until quantities run out. All proceeds from the Dualpolitan will benefit Los Angeles’ Inner-City Arts. The perfect gift for the sweet-toothed art lover in your life, this ice cream is one you won’t soon forget. P.S. The Dualpolitan is the first in a series of artist collaborations with the LA Arts District community. Stay tuned for new ways to see ice cream as art!