The inspiration behind our July flavors.

We were certainly not the first ones to stick berries into ice cream—but we do claim to love berry ice creams the most. Being on the west coast, we’re privy to some of the best berries around, from tart and rosy raspberries to hulking Oregon-bred marionberries to juicy strawberries ripened under the California sun. Berries of all sorts have a short, glorious window during summertime where they’re at their most succulent and intense. So we’ve devoted the entire month of July to this modest but ever-pleasing fruit. To dream up this menu, we first looked for the best berries around. We then submitted many of those to pretty classic and popular treatments: blackberries with vanilla ice cream and rainbow-sprinkled birthday cake, blueberries elevated by floral Meyer lemon and coconut, jammy strawberries alongside extra tangy cheesecake. We also made some less-expected but no less-satisfying introductions, like floral boysenberries and malty corn-cookie ice cream in collaboration with Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, acidic raspberry sorbet and Oregon Coast wasabi, dense strawberry sherbet cut with lemon verbena curd. Finally, we explored some new treatments by spiking marionberries with the heat of habanero, reducing salal berry cider to ferment-y marmalade, and pickling strawberries with acid and funk. Witness our investigation into the seemingly infinite potential of these delicious little gems and be sure let us know your berry favorite.