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Tyler Teams Up With Jeff Goldblum On Disney+

Six or seven months ago, actor, musician, and thick glasses wearer Jeff Goldblum flew up to our Portland headquarters and set out for the woods with our co-founder and head ice cream maker, Tyler Malek. The two of them were on the hunt for oxalis, a wild wood sorrel that grows abundantly throughout the Pacific Northwest. Back at HQ in our R&D kitchen, they got to work turning the plant into the base of delicious ice cream—which Goldblum aptly named Wild Seafoam Glitter. 

Goldblum and his film crew captured the foraging adventure and R&D process on camera for his new series, "The World According to Jeff Goldblum", now streaming on Disney+. To celebrate the launch of the show, Tyler and Goldblum reunited in front of our Studio City scoop shop to hand out the flavor—a delicious mix of honeycomb brittle and marshmallow fluff—and reminisce about the spring culinary adventure. 

Catch us on the second episode, ICE CREAM.