Every spring we launch a menu highlighting the season’s most beautiful bounty: flowers. As summer approaches and the cravings for bright, juicy, sweet fruit are yet to be satisfied, aromatic lavender petals, tangy-sweet local honey, and handfuls of candied edible flowers fill our scoops as the perfect way to celebrate the season. 

In honor of World Bee Day on May 20th, we’re celebrating bees as one of our favorite (and tiniest) artisan partners. World Bee Day was founded in 2017 to bring awareness to the important role bees play in our environment and to focus on how we can work together to save this endangered creature. Without bees, our Flower Power Series wouldn’t exist, and for that we say “thank you, bees.” 

Our Saffron & Honey w/ Crystalized Flower Petals from our Flower Power Series is a testament to the bounty of deliciousness made possible through the hard work of bees. Heaps of marigold petals, saffron, and a drizzle of local honey are steeped in our cream to extract all the gorgeous, citrusy, sweet, and floral flavors. Once that saffron, marigold, and honey infused cream is churned, we top it all off with candied cornflower petals, to make sure you really get to eat your flowers. It’s mind boggling to think that this flavor couldn’t even exist without bees.

One of our most beloved Classic Flavors, Honey Lavender, also wouldn’t be possible without our friendly neighborhood bees. One of the first things you notice on a lavender farm is likely the gentle hum of hundreds of busy bees flitting between the beautiful purple blossoms, pollinating the plants which ensures there will be more of these exquisite flowers next season. We steep mountains of dried lavender petals in local honey to create a deep aromatic lavender syrup that gets churned into our cream for the perfect springtime experience.

We source our Honey from the Jacobson Co. Honey and Bee Local, who practice sustainable beekeeping throughout the Pacific Northwest, creating complex flavor profiles from different regions. Bees bring back pollen from wildflowers and other local plants to create a honey that is completely unique to its surroundings.

Bees are an incredible and vital part of our ecosystems and help to bring some of the most beautiful sights, enticing aromas, and captivating flavors to our lives. Join us in celebrating World Bee Day and look for ways you can help #savethebees.