The “humans” of Salt & Straw are the scoopers and staffers, super fans and first-timers who make up our big ice cream family—and make what we do every day so darn satisfying.  alisha-garner
Alisha Garner
Currently residing in Santa Monica, native to Portland
Describe your relationship with Salt & Straw
We started dating in 2013, going steady in 2016, and were in a full-blown committed relationship beginning January 2017.
How many months in a row have you visited Salt & Straw?
Thirty-six, baby!
What's your favorite flavor?
Flavor? Yeah, right—try favorite MONTH! It’s a tie among ALL February’s Chocolatier Series, August’s twist on the Farmers Market and November’s Fall plate because I love Thanksgiving dinner THAT. MUCH (think Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans—yum!). alisha-garner-ice-cream-cone
Talk to us about what you look forward to every month
I patiently await the S&S “Album Drop” aka the new Flavor Monthly Series to go live on Instagram. Immediately after the drop, text messages and DMs get exchanged, calendars get cleared, excitement builds. Some may let the line scare them away, but not I. Ten-, 20-, 30-minute waits are always #worthit. The “story” behind each flavor is always requested for the full S&S experience. Shout out to Beau, who tells the best S&S flavor story every month, at the Abbot Kinney shop. And much gratitude for my boy Austin who always greets us with a big smile and knows how to scoop a damn good cone.
Why Salt & Straw?
Because who does ice cream better?! From the creativity of the flavors to the high-quality creaminess (even that coconut cream), to the unique flavor stories told by the best scoopers in town, it’s hard not to GPS to S&S to get your ice cream fix. Many people see the line and get scared away; I see it as a treat. An extra opportunity to catch up with friends, loved ones, or strangers as you anxiously wait for something that's, well, well worth the wait. Patience is a virtue, and when you're patient for S&S you’re rewarded well :) alisha-garner-salt-and-straw
How many locations have you visited?
PDX, DTLA, Venice, SF, 3rd Street
How many flavors have you tried?
Every Classic flavor, plus every limited-edition flavor, for 33 months IN A ROW. You do the math.