Scoop of Salt & Straw Huckleberry Cast Iron Cornbread (v) Ice Cream

A coveted gem here in the PNW, the huckleberry is a late summer staple, popping up along roadside stands in jams, pies, shakes, and other unbelievably delicious iterations. 

Tucked away up in the high alpine forests of the Pacific Northwest, the huckleberry is a highly sought-after delight to both human and bear with its intensely sweet-tart flavor. This elusive wild berry reaches its peak ripeness in late August-early September, making right now the perfect time to get outside and test your foraging skills. But how do you find them? We looked to the affectionately-named Huckleberry Hounds for foraging tips. 

Hunters of the famed huckleberry head to the mountains of Oregon, Montana, Idaho (it’s their state fruit!), and Washington in search of the best kept secret patch of berries. They can be found growing best on sunlit slopes ranging in an elevation of 3,000-7,000 feet, and in clearings where sunlight pours through to the forest floor. One reminder before you head out on your own foraged adventure: be careful to keep an eye out for our berry-loving friends, the bears - as they also find themselves on the search for these insatiable berries. 

Sweet Surprise: When Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, huckleberries were one of the very few surviving plant species. 🌈⭐️ The more you know.