Making Ornament Pint Gif
Whether you're a day-after-Thanksgiving decorator or adamant about waiting until at least December 1st, the holiday season has arrived. So deck the halls with twinkly lights and strands of tinsel, and craft your very own Salt & Straw ornament to don your tree.
You will need:
  • One empty Salt & Straw pint (keep the lid!)
  • 10" ribbon, color of your choice
  • Scissors or hole punch

Step One:

Easily our favorite step! Dig into the pint of your choice and enjoy! Once finished, clean out the pint with mild soap and water, and let dry.

Make Pint Ornament

Step Two:

Cut the ribbon to 10" and cut or punch a hole into the lid. Aim for the middle of the ampersand for most centered hole.

Making Pint Ornament

Step Three:

Fold the ribbon in half and tie the ends together in a knot. Slip through the hole in the lid, with the knot coming to rest on the bottom of the lid.

Making Pint Ornament

Step Four:

Bring it all together! Reassemble the pint and place on your tree (or hang from your mantel, or banister, or stairs... or wherever you want to show off some Salt & Straw love 😉).