This month’s menu looks a bit different than most – and for good reason. Our Student Inventors Series is one of our all-time favorite menus, originating back in 2011 when our R&D team turned over the ice cream-creation keys to some of the best inventors we know: kids! 

This year comes with a new twist: last summer, we partnered with Scholastic for our Rad Readers series and invited kids to submit their wildest stories. We’ve chosen the most epic stories submitted by some of the most imaginative children across the nation and turned their whimsical plots into one-of-a-kind ice creams. 

Head with us behind the scenes to meet this year’s inventors, read their stories and find out how we turned their epic tales into ice cream. Then swing by a scoop shop and taste your way through this incredibly adventurous series! 

Meet the Inventors:

Rae, 12

Bottomless Limes!

Rae spins a mysterious web of occurrences in her tale as we uncover the origins of a most peculiar holiday: Hole Day. A Galapagos tortoise, weighing precisely 638 pounds, strings of Christmas lights, and some exceptional Key limes (23, to be exact) all make their appearance - but that's just the start. 

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Bridget, 10

Ice Cream of Moo

For residents of Oo and M, there's not much they agree upon... if anything at all. They definitely don't agree upon ice cream flavors. Bridget's story shares what happens when these two towns come together to decide the best ice cream flavor of all (and the chaos that inevitably ensues). 

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Cooper, 11

Triple Tropic Twist

Cooper's story is an action-packed saga between friends. What happens when three best friends leave the safety of their home for the adventure waiting just beyond their front door? 

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Charlotte, 6

Rosie the Pink Flamingo

Our youngest inventor, Charlotte, was so enamored with the color pink, she would only eat pink foods for an entire year! In her story, she writes about Rosie, the flamingo who is equally pink-loving. 

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Asher, 9 

The Adventurous Llamanaut

Asher's story follows his best stuffed friend, his llama, as she prepares for an epic journey to space! She soars through the sky above, traveling past planets and the Milky Way.  

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