Read the back label on any jar of Gables Delight jams and you’ll see a deceptively simple ingredient list, but at first taste, you’ll understand these exceptional jams are anything but. Chef and founder of the most precious and thoughtful jam companies in the country, Gables Delight, Almudena Gudiel spent her formative years outside of Lyon, France, spending summers learning to preserve the season’s harvests into the jams, jellies, and marmalades. 

Gables Delight Jam

Now based in Miami, Almudena keeps this same maker’s spirit, with a playful approach. Expect to see flavors like the 2021 Good Food Award Winning Guava, Mango Passionfruit, Dragon Fruit Key Lime, and Tri-Berry Grand Marnier. She sources farm-fresh fruit from local growers, taking it back to her small kitchen and makes all of her seasonal, golden delicacies in small-batches. And we mean small - each batch is thoughtfully prepared in her 10 gallon copper pots. 

Whether for farmers markets or the Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, her jam is always made traditionally, just like in France when she was growing up. We layer one of her most popular—Pineapple Coconut—into a vanilla ice cream along with sugar-dusted pie crust baked golden brown in our Gables' Delight Pineapple Coconut Cream Pie (available in our Wynwood Shop).