When life gives us berries, we make ice cream.

Berry season is here, and what’s better than berry ice creams? Our head ice cream maker, Tyler Malek, met up with Food & Wine for their Chefs at Home series to share three of our favorite berry ice cream recipes. We’ve dedicated this dreamy summer menu to some of the West Coast's best berries and we can’t wait to share it with you. 


Birthday Cake and Blackberry Ice Cream

  • Life is batter with cake, so grab your sprinkles because we’re making Birthday Cakes & Blackberries. This flavor has hunks of rainbow-sprinkled birthday cake and ribbons of Oregon Hill evergreen blackberry jam which bring just the right pop of texture. This technicolor ice cream will be a hit all summer, with all the makings of an epic party in every spoonful. 


    Honey Lavender

    • Cool off with a creamy scoop of Honey Lavender. Pounds of lavender petals are steeped in Jacobsen Co. Honey to bring out a herbaceous flavor. Sweet and floral with an earthy undertone - you need this in your summer rotation.


    Boysenberry Oatmilk Sherbet 

    • Okay, hear us out: Remember those Flintstones pops from childhood? This is like that, but wayyy better. We take some of the best berries from the PNW to create an intense vegan sherbet. Roasted boysenberries and ultra-creamy oat milk create a gelato-like flavor bomb of fruitiness. Add this one to your “Must-Try” list immediately!