Fifth-grader Anjalika from Ms. Rasool’s class at San Francisco’s College Park Elementary dreamt up one of the most romantic flavors we’ve ever set out to create for our Student Inventor Series: THE art OF ice cream.


Her instructions were explicit: “TOP SECRET: DO NOT LOOK. You need vanilla, blue raspberry, cherry, lemon, orange, and light green Fondant…super tiny rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sauce…a ton of vanilla ice cream…a waffle cone. Last but not least, you need a paint brush spoon.” Confession: We looked. And the fact that there was a lot going on was precisely why our R&D tech was drawn to it, as it was akin to what her own 8-year-old daughter would have magicked up. 

In addition to the written details, Anjalika drew a vivid illustration that would put adults to shame (no doubt with her paintbrush spoon). So we started our flavor development using that.   Five fondant swirls required too many hands around our 3-gallon ice cream tubs, so instead we sprinkled five multicolored white chocolate ganaches on a salted vanilla palette. Then—our tech’s favorite part—we incorporated the sprinkles and chocolate into a coating for waffle pieces and tossed those in, too. A playful win-win for those who love cones but prefer the ease of a cup. Despite its beautiful intricacies and abundance of inclusions, this was one of the quickest flavors to develop yet. Just another day creating art, using ice cream as our medium.