Besharam’s Yogurt Lassi w/ Raspberries is our first ever chef-commissioned flavor, made in partnership with the incredible Chef Heena Patel from Besharam SF. Chef Heena opened her San Francisco restaurant in 2018 with the intention of sharing real Indian cuisine with her community. “Besharam” is the Urdu word for “shameless” and it couldn't describe Heena’s approach more perfectly. Focusing on Gujarati cuisine, which is highly regional and primarily vegetarian, Heena simply invites her patrons to trust her as they embark on a new culinary journey through her food. Instead of providing the classic, almost expected Indian dishes like naan or tikka masala, Heena presents a menu of unique, unfamiliar favorites inspired by her childhood. It’s this intensely personal approach to her cooking that creates such a truly special experience at Besharam.

This year, Chef Heena was a James Beard Semifinalist for Best Chef California for her fearless approach to Gujarati cuisine that continues to surprise and delight palates. Besharam is authentically Heena, a reflection of her heritage and journey from proud home cook to award-winning chef. 


In this lassi-inspired flavor, delicate rosewater and a hit of cardamom are balanced by ripples of raspberry jam infused with toasted whole cumin seeds. 

1 cup greek yogurt
1 cup whole milk
¼ cup sugar
1 teaspoon cardamom powder
A few ice cubes
1 teaspoons toasted whole cumin
½ cup bruised raspberries
¼ teaspoon rose water
A few spring mint leaves
A pinch sea salt

    1. Roast whole cumin on a dry skillet at low temperature, keep aside. 
    2. Take half of fresh raspberries and break softly with fork or pastel to release juice.
    3. In a blender put all ingredients leaving out a few raspberries, mint leaves, and toasted cumin.
    4. Pour mixture in a chilled glass.Top with fresh raspberries, cumin and touch of mint.