Now that the big feast is over and your fridge is full of leftovers, it's time to put them to good use. We love pulling out the real creative culinary chops when we're trying to figure out a way to repurpose mashed potatoes for the fourth time in a week. Luckily for you, our R&D team put their heads together and dreamt up three amazing ways to use up your leftovers with your favorite ingredient: ice cream.

Griddled Ice Cream Sandwiches w/ Marshmallow Fluff

Got leftover rolls? Split them in half and griddle them in butter (the more the better). Top with one big scoop of Sweet Potato Casserole w/ Maple Pecans (or your favorite Salt & Straw flavor) and a spoonful of marshmallow fluff.

Mashed Potato Waffles w/ Honey Drizzle

We all know mashed potatoes are amazing on their own with some butter and salt, but what about turning them into a waffle topped with a scoop of ice cream?! Stir together 1 1/2 cups leftover mashed potatoes with 1 large egg yolk and 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour until combined. Heat a waffle iron on high. Scoop about 1/2 cup mashed potato mixture onto the iron and cook until golden and crispy. Repeat with remaining mixture. Top with a scoop of Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey (or your favorite Salt & Straw flavor) and drizzle with honey.

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake w/ Cinnamon Spiced Whipped Cream

In a blender, blend together 1-2 slices leftover pumpkin pie and 1 entire pint Spiced Goat Cheese & Pumpkin Ice Cream (or your favorite Salt & Straw flavor) until smooth and creamy. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.