Stumptown Coffee & Burnside Bourbon

Stumptown’s Single-origin Indonesian Sumatra coffee, mixed with a little of Portland’s Holy Kakow Chocolate and a lot of Burnside Bourbon from Portland’s own, local Eastside Distillery.

We use single-origin coffee from Stumptown. This means that our coffee flavor is constantly evolving based off of what’s being harvested around the world. Right now we are using Indonesian Sumatra which is really earthy with some caramel notes.

Our ice cream is especially good for using single-origin coffees because we dialed down the sweetness of the cream so that you can truly taste the nuances of the various coffees rather than straight sugar.

We add just enough bourbon to lend another depth to the coffee and it’s “woodsy” profile. We use Burnside Bourbon from Eastside Distillery on Portland’s Distillers Row. This is one of the first bourbons to be produced in Oregon and has a beautiful bite that only a true Portlander can appreciate.