Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Black Pepper

It’s triple Oregon Strawberry! Made with strawberries, jam, and syrup from Oregon Hill Farms, Honey Balsamic from a fifth-generation beekeeper at Honeyridge Farms, and locally imported, rare Cubeb Pepper (not to make it spicy… just a trick we learned from the Italians to pepper fruit to bring out the flavor).
Allergens: Milk

Oregon Hill Farms is a family run jam maker in St. Helens, OR. We love using their jams and jellies and feature them in many of our seasonal flavors!

Honeyridge Farms is located in Brush Prairie, WA and produces just outside of Portland, OR. The family tends to the bees together with their son being, now, the fifth-generation to be tending to the bees.

Cubeb Black Pepper is surprisingly fruity with a few notes of earthiness and a hint of spice. It is designed to balance the tartness of the vinegar. That being said, when the ice cream warms up/melts the pepper flavor becomes much more prominent.