April Student Inventors Series - Portland

Chocolate Party – NW 23rd
180 Xurro and Xocolata – NW 23rd
Ramen ice cream flavor! – NW 23rd
lemon and lime – NE Alberta
Vanilla Rose Bubble Tea – NE Alberta
The Apple Frosting Caramel Crackers – NE Alberta
Rainforest Mist – SE Division
Butterscotch Crush – SE Division
Triple M non-dairy (v) – SE Division

April Student Inventors Series - LA

Truffle Mix Up – West Hollywood
Coconut & Cashew (v) – West Hollywood
baked Alaska – West Hollywood
Chicken Tinga – Arts District
rice shrimp sushi with lime – Arts District
Hearts Hugs Yummy nice Kind FriendShip! – Arts District
Sophia’s Saturday breakfast – Studio City
Cherry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Cone – Studio City
Salt n’ pepper carmel – Studio City
The Butter Pecan Coffe Crunch – Abbot Kinney
Sock-it-to-me-Surprise – Abbot Kinney
Pineapple-Star Anise Ripple with Honeycomb Brittle – Abbot Kinney
Dinner for Dessert – Larchmont
Ice cream berry dream – Larchmont
The Three Cs – Larchmont

Hello, San Francisco Series - San Francisco

Cinnamon Ancho & Cajeta
Caramelized Almond S’mores
Cascara Shrub with Candied Hibiscus
Green Apple Mayo Sherbet
Strawberry Coriander Leaf Sorbet (V)