Silencio Black Tea Coconut Stracciatella (v)


First churned August 2016

As one of our first adventurous and alluring vegan flavors, this is one of our cofounder Tyler’s favorite dairy-free flavors. With a base of tea that “feels like a Cuban bolero”, plus touches of black pepper, coconut, and passionfruit to amp up the tropical notes and vegan chocolate shards to bring out the cacao husks, we can practically picture our ardent Silencio fan base sitting in faux leather arm chairs in a dimly lit library, pulling pints of this out of a humidor.

Trusted Partners
This August 2016 cult classic flavor came out of our adoration for August Tea, an unconventional craft tea company in L.A.’s Arts District, which focuses on seasonality, technique, and intense conceptual blends. We all know when it’s August Tea’s Silencio day in our kitchens, as the entrancing scent of cigar leaf, black pepper, and ripe pineapple makes its way across the building, begging even tea haters to lean in like they’re sniffing a bouquet of flowers.