Rachel’s Raspberry Ginger Beer (v)


The best ginger soda we’ve tasted is made in Seattle. We combine Rachel’s ginger and raspberry beer with a dash of coconut cream for the wildest sorbet you’ve ever tasted.

Made with Rachel’s Ginger Beer


Ingredients & Allergens

Coconut Cream, Sugar, Water, Tapioca Syrup, Rachel's Raspberry Ginger Beer (ginger, lemon, sugar, red raspberries, fruit pectin, citric and ascorbic acids), Xanthan Gum Allergens: Tree Nuts (coconut)

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The best ginger beer we’ve ever tasted is from right here in Seattle by Rachel’s, a small-batch soda maker that started in Pike Place Market. We take some of her ginger-raspberry syrup from the soda of the same name and combine it with coconut cream to make a creamy but slightly tart ginger sorbet. It’s got a nice sherbet texture even though it's vegan.