Melon & Capicola


First Churned August 2011

Rumor has it that one summer night Kim was at a party with friends and drunkenly texted “Melon and prosciutto should be a flavor.” Tyler was game—but it’s hard to top-quality prosciutto. He reached to our friends at Olympia Provisions, who had just finished a sweet coppa. We bought a couple loaves, sliced it as thin as paper, and folded it into cantaloupe ice cream.

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This is one of the first ice cream flavors we ever created! We pair ambrosial organic Charentais melon ice cream with paper-thin slices of Olympia Provisions capicola, an incredible cured and slow-roasted ham similar to prosciutto infused with black pepper, fennel seed, coriander, and anise. The spices dance with the sweetness of the cantaloupe-style melon from Full Belly Farms in the Capay Valley for a salty-sweet ice cream experience that’s perfectly balanced and bright.