Hello Miami Pack | Salt & Straw


Hello Miami Pack - 6 Pack


Hello, Miami! To celebrate our first shop locations on the east coast, we've created a limited-edition ice cream pack featuring ice cream flavors that embody the vibrant nature of the city. Miami has been building one of the most pronounced and creative food scenes, and we’re honored to enter the city. 

The Hello Miami pack features:

  • Panther Coffee Chocolate Tres Leches
  • The Salty Donut Guava + Cheese
  • Wynwood Brewing Mango Habanero IPA Sorbet (v)
  • Exquisito Chocolates Hazelnut Cookies & Cream (v)
  • Salted Coconut Grapefruit Daiquiri (v)
  • Gables’ Delight Pineapple Coconut Cream Pie
Trusted Partners
The Salty Donut Guava + Cheese: Family-run craft donut shoppe, The Salty Donut, makes works of art out of fried dough. We pay homage to our favorite, Guava + Cheese, with cream cheese ice cream, glazed brioche donut chunks, rich Florida guava curd, and puffed pastry streusel. Made with The Salty Donut

Panther Coffee Chocolate Tres Leches: Panther Coffee Chocolate Tres Leches Full-bodied Panther espresso steeped two ways cultivates the perfect coffee ice cream to accompany our intense tres leches cake swirl made with cocoa, dark chocolate, and coconut-infused anejo rum from Coconut Cartel. Made with Panther Coffee and Coconut Cartel

Exquisito Chocolates Hazelnut Cookies & Cream (v): An unrestrained, ultra-creamy plant-based delight. Chocolate and coconut cream ice cream amped up with hazelnut butter, Little Havana’s Exquisito Chocolate stracciatella, and tender homemade vegan, gluten-free oreo cookie crumbs. Made with Exquisito

Wynwood Brewing Mango Habanero IPA Sorbet (v): We take the hop-heavy Laces IPA from Wynwood, Miami’s first craft brewery, and add a load of fresh habaneros, then cool it off with Florida mangoes and citrus. This beautifully clean, simple sorbet is as refreshingly quenchable as their beer.

Gables’ Delight Pineapple Coconut Cream Pie: Coconut cream pie gone rogue: One of Gables Delight's most popular jams—pineapple coconut— layered into a vanilla ice cream along with sugar-dusted pie crust baked golden brown.

Salted Coconut Grapefruit Daiquiri (v): Gorgeous, single-origin Guatemalan añejo sipping rum from Coconut Cartel gets mixed with fresh Florida grapefruit and puckery citrus bitters. Then, we blend it in with coconut cream and serve it straight for a lush escape.