Candy Cap Mushrooms & Port


First churned January 2013

Portland is famous for its excellent ‘shrooms and has a strong mushroom culture. Over the years we’ve curated dishes for the Oregon Truffle Festival and made special ice creams for the Oregon Mycological Society. We got our hands on local dried candy caps, steeped them in cream and sugar to bring out an intense maple flavor, then poured over local R. Stuart Winery's tawny dessert wine, and sprinkled in a butter brittle for a deep, sweet, earthy flavor bomb that accentuates the funk of the ‘shrooms.

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Everything you’d not expect in a mushroom ice cream! Candy cap mushrooms have the flavor and aroma of a really funky maple syrup. Paired with R. Stuart Winery's tawny dessert wine, made in McMinnville, this combination creates a deep, sweet, earthy flavor. Just close your eyes and imagine maple...