Bretta Fermented Pears & Fudge


First churned June 2013

A heady house-fermenting process that could only be achieved with lots of help from our friends at Breakside Brewery. Bretta is one of the most unique strains of beer brewing yeasts you’ll find; it creates an acidity in beers that, if gone unchecked, is terrifyingly tart leaving most beers unservable let alone drinkable. Why would we ever dream of using bretta in an ice cream? Because, if done correctly, fermentation via bretta yeast can produce one of the most beautiful flavors we’ve ever dreamed of…. think rich smoky leather combined with fruity bubble gum and ripe pears. To make this ice cream Breakside Brewery first fermented a bretta-yeast based beer for us to use as a starter that we then pour over fresh cherries, let everything sit for a week or two, mix with sheep’s milk and cross our fingers. The beauty of this ice cream is its affirmation of simplicity.