2021 Gone Viral Limited-Edition Pack


We understood the assignment. As we reach the end of 2021, forget playlist wrap-ups and best of lists. Instead, dig into an ice cream exploration of the past 365 — the good, the bad, and the downright binge-worthy. Price includes shipping!

Billionaire Boys Space Club: (soylent pudding w/ black charcoal ice cream & white chocolate-covered astronaut ice cream chunks). It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a billionaire heading to space. In one of the more bizarre twists this year, we took to the skies in yet another space race — this time a battle between billionaires. So we took a favorite amongst the tech bros, Soylent. Coined the “galaxy’s easiest meal”, it's only fitting we took it to space. Travel further into the galaxy above, where white chocolate-covered freeze-dried ice cream hunks glisten against the dark charcoal night sky. Race you to the Kármán line.

#FreeBritney: (pink bubble gum ice cream, tons of edible glitter, w/ pepsi & champagne gummy bears). 🎶 This is a story about a girl named Lucky…🎶 We’re popping the champagne and throwing edible glitter ‘round in celebration of Britney’s conservatorship finally ending and her reclaiming her powerful freedom. Bright pink bubblegum ice cream with champagne and Pepsi gummy bears sprinkled throughout pay homage to our Queen of Pop. Freedom looks good on you, Brit.

Calamari Contest: (enrobed dalgona honeycomb, teal and pink tracksuit ice cream, bone marrow fudge). It’s do or die in this epic tournament. Ever-so-fragile dalgona honeycomb cookies and bites of rich bone marrow fudge are hidden throughout tauntingly vibrant streaks of teal and pink ice cream. Are you willing to risk it all?

Non-Fungible-Tropical Tuna Tamales:(roasted pineapple compote & Prickly pear (aka “tuna”) clear caramel, masa ice cream). You won’t find this on any crypto-marketplace. This year, we found ourselves captivated by NFTs, or in simpler terms, collector’s edition digital art. So naturally, we decided to make a collector’s edition ice cream flavor that is just as ridiculous and confusing as Bored Apes or Pixelated Punks. Enter, the Tropical Tuna Tamales: roasted pineapple compote and tuna fruit (prickly pear) caramel weave their way through masa ice cream in this epic creation. After all, anyone can buy ice cream, but you’re one of the few with this limited edition work of art.

Nature’s Cereal: (coconut water sorbet + pomegranate seeds + mixed berry jam). Latest in a series of TikTok recipes gone viral. “Nature’s Cereal”, this time made famous in part by Lizzo’s ASMR video, and created by @natures_food, inexplicably captured the world's attention creating millions of copycats — some adventurously delicious, some downright weird. We kept ours classic with mixed berry jam swirled through a coconut sorbet, studded with pomegranate arils. As Lizzo whispers, “It’s goooood.”

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