Woodland Bitters with Lovage Jello

Sure, bitters add pizzazz to cocktails, but what about other foods…and what about ice cream?! Our good pal, Mark Bitterman, selmelier and bitters expert, inspired us to give it a go. Woodland Bitters from the Portland Bitters Project are made with Douglas Fir. We add the bitters to cream and the result is piney, a little fruity and refreshing ice cream. And how could we make this flavor even more special? Lovage! Lovage is one of the first herbs to pop up in early spring. Reminiscent of the flavor of celery, we loved the freshness it adds to this ice cream. And what’s more fun than making Lovage Jello cubes to stir into the ice cream? We’re pretty sure this is what a walk in Forest Park tastes like.