Wild-Foraged Berry Sherbet

Freshly imported from the Pacific Northwest, these berries are so perfect, so berry-y, so aromatic and rich in color… we just had to bring them down to LA with us. For the ice cream itself, we kept things super simple; fold fresh berries into a bit of cream & sugar, pop it into our ice cream machines, and let the amazing berries just do their thing. And where do we get these amazing wild berries?… So there’s this guy, Tom, right? And he forages all over Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier for berries. Wild mountain blueberries and blackberries and whatever other berries he finds. Could be huckleberries. Or lingonberries. Mystery berries, maybe even. Anyway, we get as many of these berries as we can from Tom from NW Wild Foods, and that’s that.