Wild-Foraged Berry Slab Pie

Originating in July 2015, our slab pie flavor spoke to Pacific Northwest summers and ice cream making at its finest. A friend of ours was foraging the most beautiful wild blueberries, blackberries, and huckleberries in Washington and we knew we had to get them into pints. A modest pie that would showcase the berries was a no-brainer, and effectively we dug in with our hands and painted our ice cream Jackson Pollock-style by chucking globs of gooey berry pie into salted vanilla base—our favorite way to create tubs. We’re still using those very same berries, but this year have expanded the repertoire to include cranberries, cherries, and other fruits that we’ve cooked into one gorgeous pie filling, heaped into vanilla base alongside chunks of golden-brown pie crust. Unlike our Berry Month seasonals in July, which have grown to include fresh cheeses and spices, Slab remains a simple, messy, tactile flavor that has garnered a committed following.