Viking Soul Food’s Goats Milk and Lingonberries

What Vikings churn. Scandinavia, ah! The low light, the beautiful furniture, the many, many kinds of salted foods they have! But let’s talk about lingonberries, the much-beloved treat of those who dwell in boreal forest and upon arctic tundra. Like a smaller, juicier cranberry, the lingonberry accompanies many Scandinavian delectables. Here, we swirl jam made from locally grown lingonberries into an ice cream made from goat’s milk for a clean, goaty, dense, lovely, rich, Scandinavian soul explosion. Megan and Jeremy run Viking Soul Food out of a 1968 Streamline Duchess aluminum trailer in NE Portland. Most of their dishes begin with a homemade, hand-rolled, Norwegian, potato-based, tortilla-like delicacy called lefse. From there, Viking Soul Food’s dishes are the scene of sudden, beautiful collisions between Scandinavian tradition and hyper-local ingredients, all wonderfully wrapped in those pleasantly potatoey pancakes.