Three Weavers West Coast IPA

Cream, malt, hops…married in fermented goodness. Three simple ingredients combining in a myriad of experiences in each spoonful. Similar to a good West Coast IPA, the hop flavors come through in a variety of ways in this ice cream including: citrus-y bitterness, dried-fruit-y flavor, and floral aromatics. We also added ribbons of homemade grapefruit jelly because we those citrus notes in the hops beckoned. While all that hoppiness makes for a fun story, we wouldn’t be here without our friends at Three Weavers brewing. We absolutely love working with this team of two amazing ladies at Three Weavers Brewing, Lynne and Alex. Their beers are unabashedly delicious and flavorful and they just opened their new brewery in Inglewood, CA!