Strawberry Meadow Marmalade

You are bursting with song. Standing in a sunny, flowery alpine meadow, feeling not unlike Fraulein Maria in The Sound of Music, you wonder what this feeling might taste like. Here, try this: The star of the show is meadow jelly made with Steven Smith’s Meadow tea. With a touch of lemon and honey, it beams culinary rays of bright sunshine and flowers into this light, easy strawberry ice cream made with early Hood berries–you know, the ones that are all kind of goofy and homely this time of year. Steven Smith dedicated his heart and soul to creating incredible teas. His pioneering spirit and discerning palate and, most of all, his joyful creativity, shine through in his wonderful, complex, and delectable teas. We are using his Meadow tea for this ice cream, but you owe it to yourself to try them all.