Silencio Black Tea & Coconut Stracciatella (v)

This coconut-based, non-dairy, god-send of chocolaty delight will tickle your tongue and twist your imagination. Made from an incredible black tea blend from our friends at August Uncommon Tea in DTLA, the main flavors in their Silencio tea come from a blend of Indian black teas, cacao shells, black pepper, and dried pineapple. The result is a tropical sweet, spicy tobacco profile; a flavor that we punch through even stronger with a rich french dark chocolate stracciatella. We love August Uncommon Tea because their tea blends are like nothing you’ve ever seen, they force you to re-think what can be steeped in hot water and make you question why “tea” has been so archaic in using the same blends, flavors, and ingredients for thousands of years. Their tea is beautiful and whimsical!